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Indulging Your
Lingerie Fantasies

What is a LingeriePass?

Sonia Dane's LingeriePass is a membership system that gives you, the member, access to a growing number of lingerie-fetish oriented web sites, with only ONE membership.  Each site provides something a little different, but all of them present pictures of real women with class, beauty, and an understanding of the erotic tease.
Customer service for all of these sites, is handled centrally by Sonia's husband Brad, so that you will receive consistent, high-quality service, and personal attention, no matter which site you join.  LingeriePass is not a big company with hourly employees that don't care about their customers.  Rather, it is owned and operated solely by Sonia and Brad - two people who appreciate each member, and who truly value ethics and customer satisfaction in the operation of their business. No problem goes unsolved.  And all customer service e-mails are answered the same day.  Brad has pledged to answer customers' e-mail every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  Even on vacations and holidays, he brings along his laptop to maintain his high level of customer service.
Sonia Dane's Membership Zone, as well as the member's areas of ALL of her LingeriePass Partner Sites, can be accessed with just ONE membership.  You don't have to do anything special, or pay anything extra, to get a LingeriePass membership.  It happens automatically when you join Sonia's or ANY of her partners' sites.  You can browse the free areas of all of these sites by returning to the main page, and clicking on the "Preview" link below any of the models' pictures.  Then pick your favorite site and join there, to support the work of the model that you like best!
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